WHAT ARE Exosomes?

Exosomes are small “bubbles” (called vesicles) that contain signaling molecules and growth factors.  Your cells release these vesicles in order to send messages to surrounding cells. Once they leave the cell, they are called “extracellular vesicles”, or “exosomes.”  Exosomes are released by all cells-- but the ones we are really interested in are the ones released by stem cells.  In particular, we are interested in the exosomes released by stem cells from the umbilical cord or amniotic fluid, because these contain the most growth factors. In fact, they contain about three times as many growth factors as exosomes from adult stem cells.  

key uses & benefits

Exosomes and/or Stem Cells Have Been Shown to Help With:

  • Joint Repair (Arthritis, Injury)

  • Skin Regeneration

  • Anti-Aging (Regenerates damaged tissue)

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Lung disorders (asthma, sarcoidosis)

  • Heart disorders (cardiomyopathy)

  • Neurologic and Cognitive issues (stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease)


Results can be seen at three time periods:

  1. IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Some patients experience an immediate anti-inflammatory effect, experienced as pain relief within a day of injection.

  2. RESULTS AT 6-8 WEEKS: Once the exosomes enter the cells in need of repair, they alter RNA messaging, which allows the cell to release new proteins. This takes some time to yield benefits, but patients will often describe improvement after about six weeks.

  3. DELAYED RESULTS: A number of patients have described improvements up to eight months later, as new cells grow.


No. Exosomes are being used in young children with Autism or neurologic disorders, and in the elderly as well.

Where Do Exosomes Come From?

Our exosomes are collected from peri-natal mesenchymal stem cells, via healthy live births within the United States. This allows us to obtain exosomes from millions of stem cells within one vial; providing far more signaling power than we could obtain if we were harvesting your adult stem cells. All of the cells are extensively tested per FDA requirements and are determined to be free of any disease.


The exosomes we use come from mesenchymal stem cells, and do NOT contain DNA.  



Stem cells are the basic building blocks of human tissue. They have the ability to repair, rebuild and rejuvenate tissues throughout the body. When disease or injury strikes, stem cells set out to facilitate the healing process by differentiating into specialized cells. These specialized cells then release healing growth factors in response to the distress cell signal in an injured or pathologic area of the body required for the body’s repair.


For patients who prefer using stem cells rather than exosomes, we use stem cells derived from the center (“Wharton’s Jelly”) of donated umbilical cords from live births that took place within the United States. At Tribeca Wellness Collective, we only use stem cells and exosome products that are in compliance with FDA guidelines regarding the use of human cell, tissue, or cellular or tissue-based product, as defined in 21 C.F.R. § 1271.3(d). Our stem cells are provided by Predictive Biotech, a company that remains in close communication with the FDA to insure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Disclaimer: Stem Cells at Tribeca Wellness Collective are not offering or promising stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. Stem cells are processed at a registered laboratory facility. This website does not contain any medical advice. All statements and opinions on this website are meant for educational and informational purposes only.

Stem cell therapies offered utilize a patient's own autologous stem cells. We are not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs.

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