Tribeca Wellness Collective is a concierge medical practice focused on 360-degree approach to wellness, anti-aging, and disease prevention. Tribeca Wellness Collective is built upon a simple founding principal in collaboration and partnership with Park Avenue Skin Solutions, as lifestyle medicine brands devoted to beauty and wellbeing inside and out.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Josh Trutt is a world-renowned practitioner and leader in the anti-aging and longevity treatments for the past decade.

With his clinical experience, Tribeca Wellness Collective provides award-winning exceptional medical care that focuses on each individual patient’s needs in a highly proactive, preventative and personalized customer service oriented setting by not taking a one-size-fits-all approach to concierge medicine. In fact, we believe in helping our patients get to their optimal and peak performance and setting them free on a lifelong journey and course of good health and happiness. We seek to become a trusted advisor at the nexus of information and service to our patients in all their health and wellness needs.

Our PHilosophy

Our philosophy is simple: use the best available evidence.

The world of supplements and “anti-aging” practitioners is unfortunately riddled with misleading claims, dubious advertising, and vigorously promoted treatments of no proven benefit. I find this quite frustrating for two reasons: first, because patients who spend a lot of money on ineffective treatments become discouraged and disillusioned, and we lose the opportunity to help them; and second, because it makes all of us in Age Management Medicine look bad—and most of us are trying to do the right thing for our patients.

Hippocrates is often referred to as the “Father of (Western) medicine”, and is relentlessly quoted for having said “First, do no harm.” Good advice, to be sure! But I’m drawn to a lesser-known quote of his:

"There are, in effect, two things: to know, and to believe one knows. To know is science. To believe one knows is ignorance."

This quote is the underpinning of evidence-based medicine. The very nature of Age Management Medicine keeps us on the cutting edge of new therapies: everyone is looking for the Fountain of Youth. There will always be those among us willing to experiment with the unproven. That is acceptable under appropriate conditions, including well-informed and consenting patients. What should never be acceptable is the promotion of supplements and treatments as “science” when in fact they are either unknown quantities, or worse, disproven.


These days, it sometimes seems that everyone is offering you the “World’s Most Elite Executive Wellness Program.” Why should you choose Tribeca Wellness Collective?

Frankly, you’ll want to spend time with us.

Most of you have been referred by existing patients. The reason they’re leading you to us, is simple: we make people feel better, from the moment you first step into our space.

You are depending on your doctor and his or her team to give you scientifically sound, cutting-edge wellness advice—and that you shall receive.  But the ‘doctor/patient relationship’ is, first and foremost, a relationship.  Every member of our team makes sure that it’s a relationship you want to be in.

Personal Note Dr. Josh Trutt

My personal journey into wellness started with my grandparents, who died of pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease: two illnesses for which Western medicine still to this day has very little to offer. After their passing, I was drawn into years of researching the evidence behind the myriad supplements I might have offered them, searching for clinical evidence of efficacy.  My interest in supplements led me to conferences where I found mentors first in hormone replacement therapy, and later in stem cell treatments, followed by intravenous vitamin and oxygenation therapies.  Like all doctors, I'm often asked: "What kind of medicine do you practice?" Judging by the conferences I attend, perhaps I'm practicing Integrative Medicine, but some call it Anti-Aging Medicine, and others like the term Regenerative Medicine. Lately the term Functional Medicine has become more popular among allopathic doctors, but the Naturopaths I've studied under don't have much use for that term. Whatever type of medicine I'm practicing, it's not easily categorized-- and that's exactly the point:  I prefer to use whatever works. 

In my journey from Emergency Medicine, the field I originally trained in, to the Wellness and Prevention space, I have been fortunate to train under a number of doctors who are leaders in their fields. After getting an overview of Age Management protocols from Cenegenics, I went on to complete a four-part seminar under Dr Neal Rouzier, a well-known Age Management physician, which yielded a thorough knowledge of the relevant Hormone Replacement Therapy studies of the past 30 years. (You can see much of this work evidenced in my Hormone FAQs page.)  Following that, I joined PhysioAge Medical Group and got further training “the old fashioned way”– I ‘apprenticed’ for five months under PhysioAge founders Joseph Raffaele, MD and Ron Livesey, MD. In so doing I was able to draw on a cumulative 30 years of Age Management experience from two passionate doctors who are dedicated leaders in this field. My stem cell training came from Dr. Kristin Comella, who I greatly admire and continue to work with. And, I am very grateful to Paul Anderson, N.D., for continuing to give me insights into Naturopathic approaches to patient care. 

There will always be some patients who want to try things that are not yet well-proven. If a treatment is legal and I cannot find evidence that it is dangerous, we may agree to tread unmarked trails together. But I promise to always let you know when we are headed off the beaten path, and to guide you back to it when appropriate.

Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.

Cheers to you BEING the best YOU,

Josh Trutt, MD